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Excerpts from letters to the editor, BRPS, Fighting Blindness 2000-2001 in praise of MediView spectacles (printed with the permission of the members):

“I am a registered blind person with a guide dog and have little central vision left. I didn’t enjoy going out in strong sun as I could not see anything, even with ordinary sunglasses. I have found the Hi view extra sunglasses wonderful” from JGS

“The Hi view extra lenses have helped my husband tremendously and he can see some objects quite clearly in certain lights – something he has not been able to do for some years” from BB

“When I first tried Hi-View Extra, I was pleasantly surprised to see with a better density and contrast. I walked around the local shops and crossed the roads more easily than I could before. It was even better in the pharmacy, where they have bright white décor” from NS

“I rea bout these sunglasses in your newsletter and decided to get a pair. They were returned promptly and were in use straight away. I simply cannot believe the improvement in my vision on these bright summer days. Everything seems defined and sharp” from TJP

“I received my new spectacles and tried them out over Easter in the sun. I just can not thank you enough for the difference it has made. I am so pleased I have ordered the other type for indoors” from JGS


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MediView filters are not suitable for driving. MediView filters are manufactured by SVF Ltd 20 Longcrofte Rd, Edgware, HA8 6RR. UK

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