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MigrainesMany people with migraine or chronic headaches are aware of an association with light sensitivity, whether as a trigger, or simply a symptom associated with the problem.

Many sufferers can be quite specific about their particular sensitivity, such as sunlight or from certain artificial lighting or car headlights, when working at a computer, or watching TV.

Following research by Dr Andy Dowson (Kings Headache Service, London) and Alain Maine (European Institute of Health and Medical Sciences), which confirmed that migraineurs were particularly sensitive to light at the red and blue ends of the spectrum, MediView developed a filter to address this particular need.

MigraLens® helping make light work for Migraine

What is MigraLens®?

MigraLens® is a completely new and effective way of reducing the impact and severity of migraine headache and its associated symptoms

MigraLens® , unlike regular spectacle lenses, are designed to filter red and blue light, which has been shown to trigger migraine and cause visual discomfort during and between attacks

MigraLens® absorbs the red and blue light from sunlight, artificial lighting, television, computer screens etc

MigraLens® is available made to your prescription if required, in a range of frame styles, or as 'clip-ons' to fit over existing glasses In a joint study conducted by Migraine Action Association in association with Dr Andrew Dowson of King's Headache Service, Kings College Hospital and MediView:

MigraLens® was shown to significantly reduce severity of headaches and migraine symptoms

Click here to see the filter and for results of the study

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